Safety Sam had been trained by a Tabby

Whose record on safety wasn’t shabby!

“Purr-fect” focus it takes,

Or “cat-astrophic” mistakes,

Will make those around you quite crabby!!

 Let’s “paws” to reflect on this all,

Is this scene “fur-tile” grounds for a fall?

Dropping risk to a trace,

In such a confined space,

Will, tomorrow, let me answer the call.

No bad luck will befall THIS black cat!

“Purr-pet-ually” aware of the fact.

Safe actions must jive

To maintain his nine lives,

And keep body and mind both intact!

Published by Glenn Miller

Senior Compliance Manager Mr. Miller provides a broad range of consulting services to CTI’s clients based on over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry. Along with helping to coordinate CTI’s diverse consulting projects and assisting in CTI’s marketing efforts, he specializes in HazCom programs, dangerous goods handling and labeling (GHS, HMIS and NFPA), transportation compliance (DOT/IATA and IMDG), site audits, global regulatory compliance (REACH, TSCA), Process Safety Management, and training. You may direct questions to our Senior Compliance Manager, Glenn Miller, at 216.341.1800, ext. 14

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