A foreign owned aerospace company in North East Ohio. Aerospace manufacturing requires highly skilled engineers focused on quality. There are strict regulations and precise standards which these engineers and technicians must abide by to create the products they are hired to manufacture.


Plant managers, HR, Engineering, and the executive team are all focused on creating a high-quality product for a strict industry and running a successful business. Employee turnover is entirely too expensive and time consuming. The existing team does not have enough time to properly stay current and comply with environmental and safety regulations. Should they hire an EHS professional on staff to travel between the two American facilities to ensure compliance for environmental regulations? What regulations apply to them?


Foreign owners are concerned that a lack of knowledge about American EHS regulations could interrupt customer order delivery or even put them out of business. The manager responsible for EHS has accepted another job and knows he will not have enough time to train a new hire. The executive team is unsure how they can afford recruiting and hiring a full time professional. HR is concerned about turnover in general, overall culture in the plant, and the risks for injury to existing staff while working with hazardous chemicals.


CTI can provide a TEAM of professionals who have proven experience in the applicable environmental regulations, such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (hazardous waste), Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA] and other State and Local regulations. The compliance team will work within a budget determined by the client for a cost-effective solution to updating and standardizing EHS compliance for the company.


Within the first quarter, the TEAM assessed the applicable programs, updated Clean Water Act programs, analyzed air permits and processes for risks of violation/non-compliance, and created a Compliance Calendar of reporting requirements. The TEAM provided required training to staff on the topics including RCRA, HazCom, and Hazwoper. The TEAM has also consulted on various environmental concerns that arose during normal day-to-day business within manufacturing. The TEAM provided Indoor Air Quality analysis of the plating lines to determine risk of exposure to employees and to eliminate a potential OSHA targeted enforcement program violation.

Most importantly, because CTI was hired to update and maintain the programs, the company did not fall further behind on environmental or safety compliance during this period of reduced staffing.  In short, Compliance Technologies, Inc. takes the trouble out of compliance so our clients can focus on what they do best.

Published by Stephen Kovatch

Senior Client Manager  Stephen J. Kovatch focuses on assisting clients in establishing corporate regulatory compliance programs in the areas of air, water, and waste management. Mr. Kovatch also provides direction to industrial facility owners who are active in the transaction of contaminated property by defining objectives, coordinating soil and water sampling protocols, risk assessment, and remedial / cleanup activities. He frequently represents clients in property sales negotiations and regulatory agency and insurance proceedings.

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