There is real value to be gained from effective employee training for Cleveland and Ohio businesses. Among the benefits are a more productive workforce, better trained individuals not being injured, and eliminating employee concerns about inadequate safety protection on the job. Especially during this period when companies are focused on returning their businesses to profitable levels, regulatory agency fines and/or expensive lawsuits over employee injuries or work-related illnesses are a very unwelcome hit to a company’s bottom line, it’s reputation and to company morale.

So, good employee training is an intangible asset which yields real tangible results. Are you getting good value in your approach to that employee training? 67% of OSHA safety programs require initial and periodic retraining. If you are like a growing number of companies, you have fallen a little behind in your training schedule because of the COVID-19 interruptions. How will you quickly close that training gap again?

While recalling an employee back to their previous job (or maybe a new, unfamiliar one), some companies will give only the brief COVID-19 related hygiene guidelines and hope to piece-meal safety or environmental training as part of other supervisor management duties. This often results in ineffective, delayed (“don’t have time to do that training now!”), and undocumented “lip service” which is of little value.  Remember, if training records are not carefully documented, OSHA views it as “no verifiable training ever occurred”.

Other companies will turn to large training sources for generalized on-line or special training seminars. While the employee does receive a certificate of completion (so the box for that training is checked off), if the employee cannot relate to the general training examples that often do not resemble what he/ she encounters in their workplace, this does not provide the real value of good training! Also, when multiple employees require training on the same topic, the “per head” costs (often $350-$600 each) is anything but a cost-effective value.

CTI takes a different approach to providing value and expertise. Our training courses, which include hazardous materials transportation training (DOT, IATA & IMDG) along with RCRA and Safety-related training, are customized to what your employee will see in your specific work setting. Furthermore, It will be conducted by a qualified on-site trainer so that employee questions can be immediately addressed and a full understanding of the course content will be achieved. We offer virtual instructor-led training using ZOOM platforms as well which are useful during the COVID-19 recovery. For multiple attendees, CTI’s lump sum pricing per class offers a much more cost-effective training solution. Now that’s real value!

Published by Glenn Miller

Senior Compliance Manager Mr. Miller provides a broad range of consulting services to CTI’s clients based on over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry. Along with helping to coordinate CTI’s diverse consulting projects and assisting in CTI’s marketing efforts, he specializes in HazCom programs, dangerous goods handling and labeling (GHS, HMIS and NFPA), transportation compliance (DOT/IATA and IMDG), site audits, global regulatory compliance (REACH, TSCA), Process Safety Management, and training. You may direct questions to our Senior Compliance Manager, Glenn Miller, at 216.341.1800, ext. 14

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