Site Remediation

Companies in Cleveland and throughout Ohio need remedial services for a variety of reasons. Sometimes cleanups are needed because of problems caused by manufacturing processes or spills, and sometimes because facilities close and regulatory guidelines must be met.

Compliance Technologies’ team of environmental professionals has the personnel experience necessary to help determine the type and level of remedial activity necessary. We help identify remedial procedures acceptable within the regulations, provide project health and safety plans, identify and prepare required permits, select approved subcontractors, and manage the project to stay within scope and on-budget. CTI’s remedial services also enjoy an excellent work reputation with the regulatory Agencies, a true value for our clients.

The following is a list of various remedial projects completed for clients on a consistent basis:

  • RCRA Closures – Complete facility and generator levels
  • TSCA – PCB Closures
  • CRO (Cessation of Regulated Operations) Closures
  • BUSTR Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks
    • Removal, installation, cleaning, and repair
  • Contaminated soil excavations
  • Painting line closure – Equipment, booths, exhausts, pits
  • Plating line closure – Equipment, tanks, pits
  • Oil / Water Separators – Cleanout, removal, installation
  • Acid Dilution Sumps – Cleanout and recharge
  • Drum Consolidations
  • Floor Surface Cleanup / Repair/ Subsurface Phase II Investigations
    • Soil and Groundwater Sampling via auger or direct push
  • Groundwater pump and treat
  • Sampling of unknown wastes
  • Lab Packing of hazardous chemicals
  • Asbestos Survey Sampling
  • Mold Services
  • Lead Dust Remediation at Shooting Ranges

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